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In December 1993, Image Comics came out with "The Art of Homage Studios", a 50 page comic book featuring pinups, commentary and tons of info on Homage Studios including this blurb on Uncanny X-Men 267 as it relates to their studio's history.

"...Then a desperate call came from Marvel.  An issue of The Uncanny X-Men was running late --could these guys pencil and ink it in fourteen days?  The three went to work.  Each man played to his strengths, with Jim doing the layouts, Whilce rendering, Scott inking, and Jim going back in to add effects and finishes.  The book was done in just nine days.  Working together made them a powerful force, the three artists realized..."

The book also featured some cool early 90s style art including pinups from Jim and Whilce, as well as art from Marc Silvestri, Joe Chiodo, J. Scott Campbell, Joe Madureira, Aron Wisenfeld, Ryan Benjamin, Brandon Peterson, Scott Clark, Brett Booth, Alex Garner...  even a pinup of the White Wolf by super-inker Scott Williams.

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