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"Here's the deal. Jim laid out the entire issue in simple block figures. Not much detail at all. Whilce then tightened up all the pencils over Jim's layouts with detail and texture. I then inked all the figure work. Finally, Jim went in and loosely penciled backgrounds and he then inked all the backgrounds. That's it! We did the whole issue in about 8 or 9 days."

-Scott Williams

More from Jim Lee on Uncanny X-Men 267 and how this issue got done (Gelatometti blog)

Issue date:  Early Sept 1990
Scheduled release date:  July 3rd, 1990
Pages of art:  23 not including cover
I asked Whilce about Uncanny X-Men 267 at SDCC 2004.  He mentioned that there was actually another art team in place originally but they were unable to do it  --that's when Jim, Whilce and Scott were asked to do the issue pretty much at the last minute, in a very short amount of time.

In conversation, I mentioned that I especially loved the moody and dark storytelling of this issue (as compared to other Uncanny X-Men issues) and he felt that due to the fact this issue was done so quickly, editors seemed to really have less say on how the issue would be done, and it seemed Jim, Whilce and Scott opted for the more creative and interesting approach.

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